Quick Question: How old was Henry VIII when he became King?

Quick Question: How old was Henry VIII when he became King?

Henry VIII was the third child born to King Henry VII and his wife and Queen Elizabeth of York. Henry VIII was born on 28th June 1491 at Greenwich Palace. As the third child and second son Henry was not destined to take over the throne upon his father’s death. Henry’s older brother Arthur, born 20th September 1489, was next in line for the throne. Tragically he died on 2nd April 1502 at just fifteen years of age. With his brother’s death Henry Tudor was the only son and male heir of Henry VII.

Henry VII had claimed the throne from Richard III at the battle of Bosworth on the 22nd of August 1485 where his army defeated the army of Richard III. Upon Richard’s death during the battle Henry VII claimed the throne and Kingship. Henry VII ruled for twenty four years. Henry VII died of possible tuberculosis on 21st April 1509.

With this father’s death Henry Tudor, second and ‘spare’ heir, succeeded his father to the English throne. Henry VIII was proclaimed King on April 24th 1509. He was two months short of his eighteenth birthday. 

Henry VIII, painted approximately 1509.

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