The Anne Boleyn Collection by Claire Ridgeway

The Anne Boleyn Collection by Claire Ridgeway

Should Anne Boleyn be pardoned and reburied as Queen?
Anne Boleyn and "The Other Boleyn Girl".
Did Anne Boleyn dig her own grave?
The Six Wives’ stereotypes - are they right?
Did Anne Boleyn commit incest with her brother?
"The Anne Boleyn Collection" brings together the most popular articles from top Tudor website The Anne Boleyn Files. Articles which have provoked discussion and debate. Articles that people have found fascinating. Written in Claire's easy-going style, but with an emphasis on good history and sound research, these articles are perfect reading for Tudor history lovers everywhere.
Discover the REAL truth about the Tudors

Claire Ridgway runs the fantastic website called “The Anne Boleyn Files”. To celebrate the websites three year anniversary Claire gathered a number of fascinating articles which were written since the website was started. These articles were compiled together in this brilliant book which gives the reader an in depth look at the life, myths and mysteries that surround one of England’s most famous Queens – Anne Boleyn. 

This book is full of interesting and fascinating facts and information. Claire challenges many of the myths and perceptions that surround Anne Boleyn including if she had six fingers, if she committed incest with her brother George Boleyn and the million dollar question, did Anne Boleyn commit adultery? She also details various events in Anne’s life as well as the members of her household and family. Claire uses comprehensive research to support her articles and it is clear that great care and time has gone into checking and double checking all of the information within this book. Claire also gives details about sources she has referenced in her articles and also suggests a list of books for further reading. 

Several articles within this book also look at modern day representations of Anne Boleyn including the movie The Other Boleyn Girl and the television series The Tudors. It is fascinating to see how Anne is portrayed in these various representations and how one of England’s most famous Queens has been perceived and represented in a multitude of ways. Tragic Heroine? Whore? Temptress? Witch? Scandal of Christendom? Martyr? Victim of a tyrannical husband? Or a woman of deep conviction? Claire explores all of these perceptions and more. 

As well as giving detailed information about Anne Boleyn, Claire also looks at Henry VIII and his other wives including Katherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr. I really enjoyed gaining an insight into the women who played a part of Henry VIII’s life and Claire challenged many of the modern day perceptions which surround these women. Claire also gave a fascinating look at Anne Boleyn’s relationship with Henry VIII, their marriage and Anne’s interactions with Katherine of Aragon.  

I was also very interested in reading about Anne Boleyn’s fall and the five men accused with her. Claire writes in a personal manner which reaches out to the reader and draws them in and I could not help but feel moved when reading about Anne’s last moments. At the end of her book Claire does not tell the reader what to think or believe about Anne Boleyn; instead she encourages the reader to make up their own mind, to interpret and develop their own understanding of Anne. 

Through reading this book I could feel Claire Ridgway’s passion and dedication to all things Anne Boleyn. Claire’s aim is to share the real truth about Anne Boleyn and I think she did a wonderful job of doing just that! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and learnt quite a lot about a woman who has captured the attention of people for centuries. What is great about Claire’s book is that it can be read from start to finish or the reader can pick and choose which article they would like to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found that once I started I could not put it down! I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Anne Boleyn or Tudor history. 

If anyone is interested you can purchase the book from The Anne Boleyn Collection by Claire Ridgway


Bridgett said...

Great review =) Thanks for sharing with us.

♔BB♔ said...

I love Claire´s site, but being objective, I don´t know how much "truth" we can get from a researcher who obviously has a soft spot for Anne. That´s why I try to make sure that the person who I´m reading is not a fan of "this" or "that" wife. Truth is elusive enough without us letting our sympathies interfere

Sarah said...

But don't many historians have a "soft spot" for Anne? Take Eric Ives, he clearly had a soft spot for her and he had written the most definitive book on her life. Starkey is clearly biased against women and yet he has written many brilliant pieces about the women of the Tudor age. Just because a person has a soft spot for a historical figure does not necessarily cloud their judgement. In fact I think it makes them more determined to find out the real facts about their life.

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